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Save tens of thousands of dollars with the IAAPA 2023 VR Arcade Game Buyer's Guide! Learn how you can build your own free-roam virtual reality arena. Select the best software, games, and hardware components to customize the perfect attraction for your business. Over 70 products are rated and reviewed. Boost your knowledge and enhance your offerings – from rookies to veterans, this guide is a must-have! Register now and level up your VR game!

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Chuck Taylor

“This guide is light years ahead of anything else I have seen. It’s literally game changing.”

Chuck Taylor

ex-VP of Entertainment - Dave and Buster's
Prakash Vivekanand 2

“Invaluable for companies who want to invest into VR attractions.”

Prakash Vivekanand

Managing Director - Amusement Services International LLC
Leif Peterson

“It’s the most comprehensive guide to the current VR attractions market.”

Leif Petersen

Founder and CEO - Hologate
Tony Mastronardi 2

“I'm keeping it as a reference guide for the rest of the year.”

Tony Mastronardi  

CEO at A La Carte Media Inc.
awane jones

“What can I say? The man really knows his stuff.”

Awane Jones

CEO - Phenomena