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“My passion is helping entrepreneurs succeed in every aspect of their lives. I love seeing their visions turn into profitable business so they can live the lives they’ve dreamed of."

Bob has launched nine startups with multiple exits, so he understands what it takes for an entrepreneur to be successful. His third startup, Laser Storm, was ranked #251 on the Inc. 500 before its NASDAQ IPO. Bob is an accomplished global keynote speaker. He’s been inspiring, educating, and entertaining jam-packed rooms for more than 25-years. He is also an expert moderator, driving enthralling, controversial and informational conversations among experts on panels in almost any subject. His book “Real Money From Virtual Reality” is one of the top rated business books on the subject of VR.

Bob has travelled over two million miles experiencing more VR than most people have had hot meals. He is a global nomad living his minimalistic life out of a carryon suitcase. Watch out for him cruising the California surf beaches in his sage green VW bus, or at the opening of the latest virtual reality experience.

Bob Cooney Worlds Leading Expert on Location Based VR
Kylie Savage


Someone once said "Bob is the Show; Kylie is the business."

Kylie holds space for the team to be their best.

She has diverse experience over 20 years in corporate and small business in Australia. Her experience focused in the Telecommunications sector, with roles spanning sales and product management, to operations and innovation leadership. Her last office job was as the Director of Capability for Human-centered design pioneer Huddle.

Kylie hails from Melbourne, Australia. She recently left her hometown to become a citizen of the world, fulfilling her dream of a gypsy lifestyle. A spiritual being, her intention is to help raise the consciousness of the planet.  You’ll often find her reading or listening to Alan Watts, Michael Singer, and Joseph Goldstein.


Arvin is the genius behind Bob’s video presence.

He is an experienced video producer, editor, and animator. He runs the end-to-end video production for the team, helping tell the stories of VR manufacturers and operators.

Arvin completed a degree in multimedia arts in the Philippines and interned at a Filipino TV network. This led him to a role at a major production company which exposed him to working on major films and TV production. Arvin has a keen eye for making our videos into exciting and entertaining content. His passion for video means he constantly scouts the internet and social media to keep up to date with the latest trends and techniques.

Outside work, Arvin loves to climb the mountains and is an avid runner, and cyclist, and enters into Spartan and Tough Mudder-style races to challenge himself physically.

Arvin Solsona Video guru

If you're involved in the business of virtual reality at this early stage, it's likely because you're passionate about technology and experiences. For VR to take off, it's critical that consumers have an amazing first experience. With so much bad VR out there, you have the responsibility to curate those experiences to guarantee your customers have a wonderful time. If you do, they will want to experience more VR with their friends in the future. I want to help ensure you provide your guests with the best technology and the most memorable experiences.

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