Can VR Save the Planet with Doug Griffin, Jae Maloney – The Being Virtual Show Ep 7 (30:18)

The coronavirus pandemic has caused more harm than any other event in my lifetime. Hundreds of thousands lost their lives, and hundreds of millions negatively impacted by the global lockdown trying to prevent its spread.

Like almost any dark cloud, there’s a silver lining. COIVID-19 has created the biggest AB test on our impact on the planet. And the results have been astounding. As the world begins to emerge and try to find some semblance of normal, virtual reality technology could hold the key to maintaining some of the environmental gains that have come at such a tremendous cost.

Tune in as we discuss why VR might be the most important new technology of our lifetime. I’ll also be talking to Doug Griffin, former CEO of Nomadic, and currently the VP of Strategy and Partnerships for Loom.AI, creators of some of the avatars we will all be using in the near future. And we’ll be talking to Jae Maloney from KLM Air France about how they’re using VR to cut down on travel costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

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