What Do People Want? Social vs Shared Experiences.

Nobody puts baby in a corner

When I spoke to Randy White this month, one of the areas we touched on was the need for more social experiences.  Why do people want to be entertained? Why do they go out to movies, or bowling, or restaurants? Randy’s research on this strongly suggests people want to socialize. “People want social experiences” has…

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Pro Athletes Stay Home Play Together; Esports Stocks Rally (3:46)

Virtual esports continues to find new fans. Bob shows how profession tennis and football (soccer) have embraced esports and aligned it with staying home and playing together messages to help support people in isolation. Esports keeps growing, and the gaming industry is the top-performing financial sector over the last 3 months according to ETF ranking…

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Day 2 Tofino

I woke up to sun and airplanes taking off.  The campground is right between the golf course and the airport. The airport is more like a runway, but it suffices.  Most of the air traffic I have seen up here has been seaplanes. After a quick breakfast I decided to look for some surf.  I…

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