Charlie Fink from Forbes – EP2 Bob Cooney’s Virtual Reality Deep Dive

Live from CES 2019, Bob and Charlie discuss everything VR and AR. We demo the augmented reality animations from his book. Charlie Fink’s Metaverse, and then talk about:

The Void Experience and Business Model

Why your retail lease is your biggest challenge

Why theaters might be the worst place for LBVR, and what you have to do to overcome that.

The key to success in LBVR – Group, Corporate Sales and Birthday Parties Why your first location might not be indicative of your potential for success

Why community and the human factor is the key to LBVR

How 5g is going to change everything.

Charlie’s Epiphany: World-scale free-roaming personal VR could make LBE irrelevant

How VIP events can build your off peak traffic

Early Adopters of VR are now LBVR regulars; will they be the first adopters of the consumer products? And if they are, how do you cross over to reach the mainstream market for your customers.

Why wireless multiplayer VR using Lighthouse are the emerging standard.

Current AR products are “interim devices” that still don’t really provide a must-have experience.

What’s holding AR back?

Is VR’s first killer app training and simulation?

AR is a “quality” not a product.

And lots of answers to questions posed by the live audience.

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