Melis Senova on Emergence; Brad Herman pivots Spaces; The Being Virtual Show Ep4

Location-based virtual reality developer Spaces leverages their knowledge of free-roam VR, avatars, and multiplayer gaming to create a new bridge between virtual reality and collaboration tools like Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts. Co-founder and CTO Brad Herman joins Bob from the Spaces app in VR to discuss their pivot, and how the new app can help arcade owners host virtual birthday parties.

Entrepreneur, author, and human-centricity expert Melis Senova, who consults with governments and corporate clients on how to be emergent to deal with complex challenges, talks with Bob about how to show up in this time of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity). This is especially useful for location-based virtual reality companies looking to navigate how and when to reopen.

Bob shows how profession tennis and football (soccer) have embraced esports. Athletes have been promoting staying home and playing together with messages to help support people in isolation. Esports keeps growing, and the gaming industry is the top-performing financial sector over the last 3 months according to ETF ranking sites.

Burning Man goes virtual, with plans for online orgies, local art car drivebys, and some kind of burning ceremony which has yet to be defined.

Working from home has exploded, and CEO’s are already making plans to keep at least some of that in place post-pandemic. Research shows 37% of jobs in America can be done from home, and 34% of people who previously commuted to work are now working from home. After single-digit growth for the last decade, remote work has exploded to over 90% of what’s possible.

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Some fun innovation with farm animals and robotic workers joining zoom calls and a virtual office sound simulation for those who miss the physical workspace.

And Bob takes you on a quick virtual tour of Sydney Harbour, with stops at the Opera House and Luna Park.


  1. […] This highlight is from The Being Virtual Show Episode 4. […]

  2. […] This highlight is part of the recording of the live stream The Being Virtual Show Episode 4. […]

  3. […] This highlight clip is from The Being Virtual Show Ep4. […]

  4. […] This highlight clip is from The Being Virtual Show Ep4. […]