Lynn Rosenthal from Periscape VR – Ep 14: Bob Cooney’s Virtual Reality Deep Dive (1:07:52)


Bob Cooney dives deep into the business of VR in airports with the founder of Periscape VR. Lynn talks about how they’ve conceived an experience that fits the context of harried airport travelers who suffer from over-stimulation and boredom. Periscape launched in 2018 to fanfare from international media, and since have served thousands of travelers looking to distract themselves with an immersive experience. From Beat Saber to The Blu, they’ve curated a content library that “just makes sense” in the airport environment. They also talk about hygiene challenges of public VR, how they created a standalone turnkey system that doesn’t require a high-degree of attendant engagement and what the media and advertising environment looks like for location-based virtual reality.

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