The Being Virtual Show Selects Roomkey for Season 2

Season 2 of The Being Virtual Show is coming to the immersive meeting platform, Roomkey. It’s a 2.5D immersive meetup platform you can participate in via your mobile device. Register for a reminder here. The first show is Tuesday, June 22 at Noon Pacific, 3 PM Eastern.

Season one of my hit live streaming show was really just an experiment. After more than 50 live interview webinars with the leading innovators, trailblazers, and originators of virtual reality solutions for location-based entertainment. When the pandemic hit, I realized that virtual technology was going to shape our industry in more ways than just how we entertain guests. And boy was I right.

We had virtual trade shows, conferences, and meetings. We had remote teams collaborating virtually. We even had virtual birthday parties and escape rooms. I really wanted to do something to using VR technology, but the reality of virtual reality in 2020 was the technology still came with too much friction. I tested over 100 virtual event platforms, and the ones that required headsets were just too hard to use. So I went old-school on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn Live, and Twitch. And people loved it.

Season 2 Comes to Roomkey

But for Season 2, we are going to move The Being Virtual Show more towards actually being virtual. It’s still not in a headset (yet) but it is in a 3D world. Roomkey was one of the earliest platforms I tested in 2020 (it was called TEOOH then). I really liked it for small meetups. It was easy to use, fun like a video game, and it works on mobile devices. You don’t need a camera, or a fancy microphone.

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Customize your avatar and network with VR VIPs during the filming of the Being Virtual Show in Roomkey

You just download the Roomkey app on any device here. Register and create your personal avatar which takes about 5 minutes. When the show starts, you just open the app, click on the event link, and you’re seated at one of 9 tables. You can talk freely with everyone at your table. But none of the other tables will hear you. So it’s perfect for small networking groups. You can jump freely between tables. See someone you want to talk to? If there’s an open seat at their table, just click on it and you’re instantly beamed there.

Network with the leading innovators in virtual reality during the Being Virtual Show in Roomkey

Networking Starts Early, Seats Are Limited (really!)

Networking starts about 15-minutes before the show, so get in early. There are only 40 seats, and they’re first-come first-served. When you register in advance, you are only signing up for a reminder. You MUST be one of the first 40 in the room on show day.

Take virtual selfies with Roomkey mobile app

I will be bringing taking questions from the audience during the show. And after the show, the guest and I will join the networking fun. Roomkey is as easy as Clubhouse, but way more fun, and everybody gets to participate. You can even take virtual selfies.

Join me for the first episode of Season 2 with Charlie Fink, location-based entertainment legend, Forbes columnist, and author of Remote Collaboration and Virtual Conferences: The Future of Work. We will be talking about how VR, AR, and other immersive tech are already changing the workplace, and what’s just over the horizon as we come out of the pandemic and the definition of work changes again. Register for a reminder here.

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