Sven Haeberlein of Exit Adventures – Ep 18: Bob Cooney’s Virtual Reality Deep Dive (1:06:54)

Long-form, story-driven VR content is going to be the future of cinema. Like Thanos, it’s inevitable. The early form of this are VR Escape games. But it’s going to evolve beyond just puzzles. Hear from one of the early pioneers is the space, Sven Haeberlein, CO-founder is Exit-VR. Sven is a Berlin-based creator and operator of VR escape rooms. Their first title, Huxley, has won multiple international awards, and is running in 25 locations around the world. More companies are developing story-driven adventure games that run from 45 minutes to an hour long. As viewers look to be more in control of their stories, are interactive VR escape rooms the future of cinema? Tune in live to join the discussion.

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