Mastering Brand Differentiation in the Competitive Entertainment Business

In the dynamic world of location-based entertainment (LBE), competition is rapidly heating up. As an operator, distributor, or supplier in this field, you are likely facing an increasingly tough battle to maintain your pricing and margins. In such a competitive marketplace, how can businesses stand out? A key lesson can be learned from Mike Cessario,…

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Secrets of Digital Marketing for VR Attractions

The Digital Pivot for VR Arcades

Guest Post by Eric Schwartzman – There’s a lot of confusion about what digital marketing is. If you sat the digital marketing revolution out cause you were running your business, I get it. In this post, I’m going to break down digital marketing for you. Like a dance, digital marketing is a series of steps…

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95% of Product Launches Fail – How to Launch like SpaceX

Product Launch Strategy

Thirty thousand new products launch every year. Most of them fail. And according to Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, it’s because companies fail to understand how their product fits in the market. I’ve worked on dozens of product launch strategies, including some of the most successful in the location-based entertainment industry. I’ve been watching SpaceX launches…

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I Miss Our Trade Shows – So I’m Doing Something About It

Bob and friends at Commanders Palace at Amusement Expo

If you’re like me, you’ve been to a few virtual events this year. I guess that most were just ok—lots of webinars, too many PowerPoints, and hardly any real meetings. But nothing that got me excited to really ShowUp. I miss our trade shows I was in New Orleans at the Amusement Expo in March…

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Using Social Media to Stay Connected to Customers (3:48)

The Being Virtual Show Clip EP2: Using Social Media to Stay Connected to Customers from Bob Cooney on Vimeo. In this segment Bob shows how various businesses are using social media to stay connected to their customers during the COVID crisis. This highlight was part of The Being Virtual Show Episode 2.

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The Zoom Boom, Staying connected and building community with your customers – Eric Schwartzman and Andre Lawless – The Being Virtual Show – Ep2

-Movie theatres become an endangered species -Building virtual communities to stay connected with your audience -How to have fun and connect with customers using custom Zoom backgrounds -How to stay in touch with your customers with virtual events -How to communicate with your customers during a crisis to stay connected and relevant with marketing communications…

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Some Truth About Location-based VR Earnings

VRsenal Earnings Per Month

So many people have questions about virtual reality. “What is it?” “Why do I need it?” “Can I make money with it?” This last question is one I spend a lot of time writing about.  I wrote a book called “Real Money from Virtual Reality” because it’s the elephant in the room. There’s much hype…

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