The Holodeck with Jonny and Barbara – EP3: Bob Cooney’s Virtual Reality Deep Dive

In this webinar, Bob Cooney talks to Johnny and Barbara from Holodeck VR. They reviewed how RF-based Hybrid tracking has the potential to improve the inside out tracking now being hyped on new headsets like Oculus Quest, Vive Focus and Windows MR.

Bob also talked to Barbara about their unique approach to content . Where many companies are keeping tight control of content from third parties, Holodeck has created a content development SDK and is encouraging a multitude of third party developers to create games for Holodeck. Barbara’s vision is a wide variety of social games bringing people together to create happy faces on kids and grownups alike. She wants the Holodeck to be devoid of dystopian environments; no violence and no killing, showing better worlds and better realities together. This is a welcome difference than what we are seeing from most location-based VR attractions.

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