What’s The Best Combination of Games for VRsenal’s V2?

VRsenal showed a 2-station unattended VR arcade platform (the V2) at IAAPA Orlando last month. It was one of the hits of the show. Now I’m getting constant questions from operators asking, “Which VRsenal V2 games make the most sense for my location?”

There are four options to consider:

VRsenal V2 Star Wars Lightsaber Dojo Virtual Reality Arcade Game

1. Star Wars Dual Station

Due to licensing restrictions Star Wars Vader Immortal: Lightsaber Dojo cannot be combined in the same cabinet with non-Disney content. So to get Star Wars on the V2, you are committing to having it on both player stations. The game is not a multiplayer game, so you essentially have two of the same game.

Who is it for?

Tourist locations where a Star Wars attraction will help them stand out. Or for FECs with the marketing skills to take advantage of the Star Wars IP in their local market. 35% of Americans are Star Wars fans. If you let fans know you have the world’s only Star Wars VR game they will flock to your location.

Recommended pricing

Star Wars Lightsaber Dojo runs about 6 mins vs. 4 min for the other games so the pricing should be higher to make up for lower throughput. Plus it’s Star Wars. Charge $7-10 per play.

2. Rhythmatic Multiplayer

VRsenal v2 games Rhythmatic Multiplayer

Rhythmatic, VRsenal’s follow-up to the popular Beat Saber, is a true multiplayer game. Players can play solo or against their friends in real-time. Long-term tests of 2-player Beat Saber showed 60% more earnings than the single-player, which was already showing an average ROI of 7-months.

Who is it for?

Of all the VRsenal V2 games, Rhythmatic is best for locations with:

  • broad demographic from young to old,
  • lots of female players,
  • lots of couples/groups where people want to play together.
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Recommended pricing

Most locations charge $5-7 per play. Games last for one song which is about 3-4 mins.

3. Space Pirate Trainer + Rhythmatic

VRsenal V2 Games Combo with Rhythmatic and Space Pirate Trainer

Space Pirate Trainer (SPT) is a classic space shooter with a VR twist. It will pull the audience that normally is attracted to shooters, typically make dominated. Rhythmatic will have a strong pull towards all genders and age groups. The combo of SPT and Rhythmatic offers the widest appeal to the broadest demographic.

Who is it for?

Locations that want to offer a wider variety to a broader demographic, and are less worried about multiplayer features. With two VRsenal v2 games you might also find a higher rate of repeat play.

Recommended pricing

Space Pirate Trainer should support similar pricing to Rhythmatic, in the $5-7 range.

4. Get All Three VRsenal V2 Games!

Why force yourself into a decision that leaves money on the table and has your customers missing out on a game they’ll love? The smart money is buying two V2 units, placing them back-to-back in an 8-foot square configuration (including the space for the players). With Star Wars on two stations and Rhythmatic and SPT on the others, everyone gets what they want.

Who is it for?

Operators looking for a true, unattended VR attraction. With the pull of Star Wars, along with games that will appeal to everyone, V2 offers an incomparable return on investment. In about half the space of Hologate, or barely more than VR Rabbids, the 4-player V2 will generate more profit…

  • Per Square Foot
  • Per Player Position
  • Per Dollar Invested
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…than any other VR attraction. It’s the biggest no-brainer since VR Rabbids hit the market.

As always, if you’re still not sure which combination of games is best for your location, just schedule a free call with me at this link. I’m always open to helping operators figure out which VR games and attractions will work best for them.

Disclosure: I have past and current commercial arrangements with several companies in the VR market (many of them, in fact). In those arrangements, I am typically offering strategic advisory. Occasionally I help with strategic sales. Sometimes I am paid referral fees and commissions on sales where I have played a role. VRsenal is one of those clients.