SEO Strategy – Go To Market Masterclass Series (1:07:30)

Are you in the VR Arcade business? Are you thinking about opening up a new arcade? It can be fun, but it’s more complicated than it looks. Bob Cooney is the leading expert in the location-based VR business. He’s spoken to hundreds of operators, developers, and manufacturers to learn what steps to take to be…

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Apple Vision Pro and The Inevitability of the Metaverse: Embracing a New Reality (21:54)

In this keynote, VR expert Bob Cooney addresses Metaverse skepticism, illustrating it as an unstoppable force in shaping our future. He explores human resistance to new realities and emphasizes the Metaverse as an extension of human experience. Highlighting Apple’s Vision Pro, Cooney predicts a transformative impact on our digital interactions. The talk concludes with a…

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Deep Dive with Brent Bushnell from Two Bit Circus (59:59)

Brent Bushnell Deep Dive

Take a peek inside the mind of a true creative genius. Brent Bushnell is the co-founder of Two Bit Circus, an award winning and category busting entertainment business that combines virtual reality, live and virtual events, food and drink, and games into an immersive entertainment venue like no other. His latest creation will be Revelers’…

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Is JUMP The Most Immersive VR Arcade Experience Ever? (10:55)


Ever dreamed of flying? Yeah, us too. Ever wanted to try BASE jumping but don’t want to risk your life? Now you can experience the next best thing with this new VR wingsuit simulator. The most immersive virtual reality experience yet, you’ll feel like you’re really flying through the sky. Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look…

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Community Management – Replay Cut the Crap the Truth about Esports (25:17)

While you can’t have an esport with a great game, you also don’t have an esports business without a thriving, engaged community. Marcus “Esports” Howard talks about building communities, and Alex Teran from Riverside Game Lab tells us how he successfully runs up to 5 events a week drawing hundreds of dedicated players who spend…

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Virtuix Omniverse VR Arena – Replay Cut the Crap the Truth about Exports (22:06)

Learn how a national tournament with cash prizes is driving repeat play and destination traffic.  Bob interviews Jan Goetgeluk, founder of Virtuix, who has been running a national esports tournament at FECs for more than two years, and Todd Maunsell, VP of Operations at Cinergy, who recently held their first “local” esports competition using the…

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