Virtuix Omniverse VR Arena – Replay Cut the Crap the Truth about Exports (22:06)

Learn how a national tournament with cash prizes is driving repeat play and destination traffic.  Bob interviews Jan Goetgeluk, founder of Virtuix, who has been running a national esports tournament at FECs for more than two years, and Todd Maunsell, VP of Operations at Cinergy, who recently held their first “local” esports competition using the Omniverse VR Arena, seeing a 40% uplift in business.

Esports is the next big thing for family entertainment centers. The Omni Arena is the first turnkey solution that goes beyond using esports as a buzzword. Virtuix runs monthly tournaments where winners get cash prizes. They administer the entire program for operators. The 60th Omniverse VR Arena was just installed at Xtreme Action Park in Fort Lauderdale.

Cinergy’s location was the subject of a viral Tik Tok shared by Elon Musk that generated over 20 million views. In September, Cinergy in Odessa, TX, experienced going viral. A TikTok video of a guest playing Omni Arena got over 15 million views on TikTok, followed by 5 million more views on online media outlets like LADBible and 9GAG. The video garnered over 3 million likes.

Cinergy ran a dedicated local Esports tournament and saw their revenue increase significantly.

Cinergy Entertainments Omniverse VR Arena tournament

Check out the video interview to learn the insights into running esports tournaments using VR.

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