Robert Scoble – AR vs VR; Will Apple Make The Market? (1:14:46)

Apple Virtual Reality with Robert Scoble

Apple in virtual reality? Could it be? Or is it a media device to watch all the new content on Apple TV? Watch this video with seven rounds of XR heavyweight action as Robert Scoble and Bob Cooney battle about whether Apple is working on AR, VR, or both. Apple makes markets, and their entry…

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The Real Reason Apple Acquired Next VR (4:35)

Apply buys Next VR

Why did Apple buy NextVR? Apple’s been rumored to release AR glasses for years now. Rumors about about dates starting back in 2019 and now extending out to 2023. They keep increasing the quality of their AR tech in iPhones and iPads. but they’ve shied away from talking about virtual reality. With a $100 million…

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Charlie Fink from Forbes – EP2 Bob Cooney’s Virtual Reality Deep Dive

Bob Interviews Charlie Fink VR Deep Dive

Live from CES 2019, Bob and Charlie discuss everything VR and AR. We demo the augmented reality animations from his book. Charlie Fink’s Metaverse, and then talk about: The Void Experience and Business Model Why your retail lease is your biggest challenge Why theaters might be the worst place for LBVR, and what you have…

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