Social Movie Viewing with Netflix Party and BigScreen VR (3:34)

BigScreen VR let's you watch with your friends

BigScreen VR lets people share while viewing movies. More than 40% of people use more than one screen when watching TV. Unlike movie theaters which ban any social interaction, watching from home enables people to stay connected while they enjoy their favorite film. New platforms are making social viewing better and easier. A new plugin…

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Virtual Orgies, Funerals and Senior Prom (6:05)

Virtual Events: Orgies at Burning Man

Virtual events continue to move into the mainstream. Burning man announced they’re going to create a virtual version of Black Rock City, with plans for online orgies, local art car drivebys, and some kind of burning ceremony which has yet to be defined. Senior Prom went virtual thanks to the generosity of actor John Krasinski…

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Using Social Media to Stay Connected to Customers (3:48)

The Being Virtual Show Clip EP2: Using Social Media to Stay Connected to Customers from Bob Cooney on Vimeo. In this segment Bob shows how various businesses are using social media to stay connected to their customers during the COVID crisis. This highlight was part of The Being Virtual Show Episode 2.

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The Being Virtual Show – Phil Kaplan of Gameworks Full Interview

Phil Kaplan Gameworks CEO

Esports, Virtual Reality and location-based entertainment CEO Phil Kaplan of Gameworks on how the chain is using building a community of loyal customers, professional athletes crossing over into eSports during the COVID-19 sports shutdown, using online events to stay connected to customers during the retail shutdown.

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The Zoom Boom, Staying connected and building community with your customers – Eric Schwartzman and Andre Lawless – The Being Virtual Show – Ep2

-Movie theatres become an endangered species -Building virtual communities to stay connected with your audience -How to have fun and connect with customers using custom Zoom backgrounds -How to stay in touch with your customers with virtual events -How to communicate with your customers during a crisis to stay connected and relevant with marketing communications…

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