Deep Dive with Brent Bushnell from Two Bit Circus (59:59)

Brent Bushnell Deep Dive

Take a peek inside the mind of a true creative genius. Brent Bushnell is the co-founder of Two Bit Circus, an award winning and category busting entertainment business that combines virtual reality, live and virtual events, food and drink, and games into an immersive entertainment venue like no other. His latest creation will be Revelers’…

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Jae Maloney from Air France KLM – Full Interview (39:48)

Jae Maloney KLM Enterprise VR

Enterprise VR adoption is skyrocketing as more and more use cases are being discovered. COVID-19 is accelerating the adoption at exponential rates. Even airlines that have a vested interest in travel are considering how VR can reduce the impact of air travel on the planet. From scrum meetings in Glue, to training mechanics on maintenance…

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Doug Griffin from Loom.AI – Full Interview (37:12)

Doug Griffin on Loomies and Zoom fatigue

Working from home is here to stay. Jeffries Company CEO Rich Handler said “work and office are no longer inextricably linked.” But only a few weeks into the work from home paradigm shift things like Zoom fatigue are setting in. If this is going to be sustainable we need better tools for meetings, conferences and…

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Dave Snowden – Full Interview (27:20)

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. VUCA is the hallmark of the XR market. Emerging tech is inherently complex. Rapidly accelerating technology and constantly shifting applications attempting to meet emerging consumer and business needs makes the business highly unpredictable. Dave Snowden lays down a roadmap for leadership and management for anyone operating in an emerging tech…

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Patrick O’Luanaigh of nDreams – Full Interview (30:13)

virtual reality games for the home ndreams

Virtual reality games for the home have struggled to get traction. That all changed this year when Half-Life:Alyx set the bar for VR games, earning more than $40 million in its first month of release, and gaining accolades from critics and fans alike. There are new AAA VR games in the pipeline that could challenge…

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Melis Senova – Full Interview (30:18)

Virtual reality expert Bob Cooney conducts a deep dive interview with entrepreneur, author, and human-centricity expert Melis Senova, who consults with governments and corporate clients on how to be emergent to deal with complex challenges, talks with Bob about how to show up in this time of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity).

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Brad Herman of Spaces – Full Interview (24:13)

SPACES interview with Bob Cooney on the Being Virtual Show

Location-based virtual reality developer Spaces leverages their knowledge of VR presence, avatars, and multiplayer gaming to create a new bridge between virtual reality and collaboration tools like Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts. Co-founder and CTO Brad Herman joins Bob from the Spaces app in VR to discuss their pivot, how the new app can help…

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