How to Eat a Tim Tam, Bob Cooney (2:39)

Tim Tam Slam

Tim Tam Slam is one of the most unique Australian food experiences. Experiencing foreign cultures through food is one of the joys of being a global nomad. Sometimes we just want to have a little fun on the Being Virtual Show. All work and no play makes Bob a dull boy. So make a cup…

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Is Virtual Reality the New VCR Rental? (4:34)

Virtual Reality Rentals

    VR rental pivots are creating new revenue streams for arcade operators renting equipment for parties during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the 1980s Blockbuster Video and other video rental companies offered hardware rental before the costs of VCR’s plummeted. They also offered gaming console rentals during the 1990s. While VR is still expensive, could rentals…

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VR Games Tipping Point, New Sony PSVR Controllers, Tipatat (6:16)

Virtual Reality Investors and Tipping Point

    Virtual Reality Investor, Tipatat, co-founder of the Venture Reality Fund, called 2019 the tipping point for VR gaming. More than 100 games earned more than $1 million. The release of Half-Life Alyx has added almost 1 million new headsets to the Steam platform, showing the largest spike in VR usage ever. Sony also…

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The Metaverse Episode, The Being Virtual Show Ep6

Exploring the Metaverse with bob Cooney

The metaverse is the most important topic almost nobody is talking about. There’s a race on to create the metaverse: a computer world where we can be whatever and whomever we want. We can play, work, and learn. We can have a “Second Life“. Virtual reality technology was the precursor to building a viable metaverse…

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Magic Leap Layoffs, General Magic Movie (2:04)

Bob discusses Magic Leap Payoffs & General Magic Movie

Magic Leap haters abound, but what they tried to create was hard. They were inventing technology and creating an entire stack that didn’t previously exist. For a startup company, it’s reminiscent of General Magic, who created the first handheld computer in the ’90s. Magic Leap laid off half their workers last week, reported to be…

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How Epic Games is Building the Metaverse (10:44)

Bob Cooney on Building the Metaverse

Metaverse is a term that describes an always-on computer world that people can flow in and out of as avatars. A metaverse has an economy, with jobs, merchandise, education, entertainment, and any other aspect of what you might consider the “real world.” The term was coined in the 1992 novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson.…

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Peter Csathy: The Future of Virtual Media (1:02:26)

Bob and Peter Csathy riff about the future of media

  Peter Csathy, digital media expert, discusses the future of movie theaters, esports, synthetic humans, virtual nightclubs and more in this fascinating deep dive interview with Bob Cooney. Peter is a recovering attorney specializing in all aspects of the media business.  He now advises entertainment and technology companies on how to navigate the complex and…

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Social Movie Viewing with Netflix Party and BigScreen VR (3:34)

BigScreen VR let's you watch with your friends

BigScreen VR lets people share while viewing movies. More than 40% of people use more than one screen when watching TV. Unlike movie theaters which ban any social interaction, watching from home enables people to stay connected while they enjoy their favorite film. New platforms are making social viewing better and easier. A new plugin…

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Leading and Managing in Complexity with Dave Snowden (5:54)

Being emergent and exploring complexity

Being emergent is the key to succeeding in the inherently complex XR market. Rapidly accelerating technology and constantly shifting applications attempting to meet emerging consumer and business needs makes the business highly unpredictable. Dave Snowden lays down a roadmap for leadership and management for anyone operating in an emerging tech market, during and after the…

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