Theatre Wars – Todd Maunsell (8:50)

Theater wars have broken out between Universal, AMC and now Odeon Cinemas. Movie studios are laying the pipeline to deliver their content direct to consumers at home. Disney+, NBCUniversal’s Peacock and WB’s HBOMax are increasing the pressure on the movie exhibition business. The tension boiled over this week when Universal stated they intent to continue direct distribution of new movies when it makes sense. AMC escalated the theater wars when they fired back with a boycott of Universal’s movies. All of this masks the real problem: a lack of innovation by theater owners. Over the last decade flagging attendance has been well documented. Some theater owners, like Cinergy Entertainment, made up for it by offering a full entertainment experience including arcades, laser tag, virtual reality and even ax throwing. Those that have been slow to adopt even proven technology like 4D theaters with motion, wind and other effects, are now going to pay the price.

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