AAA VR Games with nDreams Patrick O’Luanaigh (7:26)

Phantom: Covert Ops is being finished now by nDreams and Oculus Studios. Bob spoke with nDreams CEO Patrick O’Luanaigh about how his team is handling the coronavirus lockdown, the inspiration for their kayak locomotion mechanic, what it’s like developing a AAA game for Oculus Quest, and more.

Half-Life: Alyx set the bar for VR games, earning more than $40 million in its first month of release, and gaining accolades from critics and fans alike. There are a few new AAA VR games in the pipeline that could challenge Valve for the throne of best VR game of the year.

Cyan Worlds, creators of the genre-defining PC games MYST and Riven, have announced a VR game called Firmament. Arizona Sunshine developer Vertigo Games is working on After the Fall, a 4-player co-op zombie game set in the 1980s. Respawn Studios, maker of Apex Legends and Star Wars: Fallen Order, are getting ready to release Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond. Look for Phantom: Covert Ops and these other games this summer.

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