Independence Day

Hello friends, it’s been a while.  I’m writing this from New York City, midtown Manhattan to be specific. I know my story left off in Tofino, at a music festival last summer.  As you know, I fell behind in my travelogue.  One of the effects that had was I was unsure of how to post about more current events without finishing that story first.  But now I realize that the story is always developing, and will never be finished.  So here I am, picking up with where I am.  I will fill in the blanks between Otalith Festival and today over time as I feel inspired.  My new rule is “No Rules”.

Last summer’s was transformational for me. It represented an acceleration of learning who I am and what drives me.  Time alone in nature has that effect on me. So does driving the bus.  I think it’s the slow pace.  You don’t have to focus as much on traffic or driving, you’re going so slow you can really daydream, reflect, enjoy the scenery.  It’s almost like meditation for me.

I decided to come back “home” for the 4th of July.  I’ve never seen the Macy’s fireworks show, and a friend is having a big party on Long Beach next weekend.  It was the perfect time to head back to the city.

I got in last night around midnight, and I always make a point to grab a slice of pizza at the 99 cent pizza places around town.  The one near my hotel is open until 5:00 AM.  $2.50 for two cheese slices and a Coke.  How can you beat that?  Fuggetaboutit.

This morning I walked the ten blocks up to Ess-A-Bagel.  It’s one of the best (if not THE best) bagel shops in The City.  The line was out the door as usual.

It took an hour to get a bagel.  While I was waiting, they offered samples of lox bagels with cream cheese.

I was talking to a girl in line who was commenting about the wait.  She walked 45 minutes from her dorm to get there.  That’s almost a 3 hour commitment for a bagel.  I told her, “In reality, the only reason to come to New York is the pizza and the bagels.  Pretty much everything else you can get here you can get anywhere in the world.  But the bagels and the pizza are special.”

Was it worth it the wait?  Fuck yes!