My Second Post at The Inertia

I received a lot of comments from my, many tied to the headline This Guy Turned 51, Quit His $250k Job, and Hit the Road in His 1977 VW Westfalia,  While the vast majority of people were inspired and encouraging, there were many comments along the lines of If I was rich I could quit my job and travel or variations of Successful douchebag rubs it on our faces.

Don Miguel Ruizs book The Four Agreements lists the third agreement as Don’t Make Assumptions. We’ve all heard the adage Ass-U-Me.  But we can’t help it many times.  I thought those comments were interesting, and I didn’t take them personally (Agreement #2). But I did think they were worth of addressing, if for no other reason that the message doesn’t get lost.

So my second post on The Inertia goes into some of my background and gives a more realistic and honest portrayal of where I was financially when I pulled the plug. Please go read it, and leave a comment for me at the bottom of the page.  I’d love to hear from you.