100 Days Since Launch: Is the Apple Vision Pro a Failure

Recent news has proclaimed the Apple Vision Pro a failure. Headlines claim that Apple has slashed its production and sales forecasts after the initial early adopter sales didn’t sustain the sales rate. On a recent earnings call, Tim Cook shared that half of the Fortune 100 companies have invested in the Apple Vision Pro. He’s…

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Elevating Hygiene in VR Entertainment : The Power of UV-C Technology

TLDR: Use Cleanbox to make sure your VR headsets are sanitized, safe, and last longer. Hygiene is something every responsible location-based entertainment operator takes seriously. If you operate a commercial kitchen, health inspectors are there to ensure compliance with best practices. Ignoring them can result in fines, censures, and even closure for repeated violations. Patrons…

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Synthesis VR Brings Free Roam VR To Forefront

According to the most recent surveys, 50% of Americans think VR makes video games a better experience. Which might explain why VR arcades survived the pandemic and continue to draw interest and investment in 2024. VR arcades started with players each in their own booth. It was a bit isolating, but for most it was…

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Join the Free Roam Revolution at the VR Arcade Game Summit!

The VR Arcade Game Summit is coming up next week in Las Vegas. It’s part of the Amusement Expo education program, which at $120 is the bargain of the century. If you’re coming to Las Vegas next week for the VR Summit, make sure you stay for Amusement Expo, where we will have the first ever Free…

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Apple Vision Pro and The Inevitability of the Metaverse

Despite many opinions to the contrary, the Metaverse isn’t dead. First off, it doesn’t even exist yet. But don’t let that fact dissuade you from its inevitability. The metaverse is coming, whether you want it or not. Why does the very mention of the Metaverse freak people out? Maybe it’s the idea of strapping a…

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Deep Dive with Brent Bushnell from Two Bit Circus (59:59)

Brent Bushnell Deep Dive

Take a peek inside the mind of a true creative genius. Brent Bushnell is the co-founder of Two Bit Circus, an award winning and category busting entertainment business that combines virtual reality, live and virtual events, food and drink, and games into an immersive entertainment venue like no other. His latest creation will be Revelers’…

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Is JUMP The Most Immersive VR Arcade Experience Ever? (10:55)


Ever dreamed of flying? Yeah, us too. Ever wanted to try BASE jumping but don’t want to risk your life? Now you can experience the next best thing with this new VR wingsuit simulator. The most immersive virtual reality experience yet, you’ll feel like you’re really flying through the sky. Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look…

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What’s Better Than Beat Saber Arcade Cabinet?

Player in front of the Original Beat Saber Arcade Cabinet manufactured by VRsenal

VRsenal, inventor of the original Beat Saber Arcade Cabinet, continues to innovate in the VR music rhythm genre. When Facebook acquired Beat Games, the studio behind Beat Saber, they pulled all the arcade licenses. VRsenal then partnered with Blackwall Games to bring the arcade hit Rhythmatic to family entertainment centers. Housed in a new arcade…

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Launching a Unique VR Arcade Game Distribution Model

VR Collective Logo

Virtual reality is exploding. It’s the fastest-growing segment of the Amusement Industry. More traditional amusement manufacturers have jumped on the VR bandwagon in recent years. Sega is the latest entrant with their VR Agent game. I am sure there are more coming. VR provides a more immersive gaming experience, which is what players want. Recent…

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WTF is Esports? Replay Cut the Crap – the Truth about Esports (10:37)

Esports is one of the hot buzzwords in the entertainment market. Companies seem to be pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into building esports arenas, gaming lounges, and other location-based entertainment venues catering to the burgeoning esports market. Bob Cooney opens with an overview of the market and its growth along with definitions we can…

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