Unis Ultra Moto VR and the Reimagined Arcade

Constraint drives innovation. A recent Harvard Business Review story covers 145 empirical studies that show individuals, teams, and organizations all benefit from constraints. The current pandemic has constrained more aspects of our businesses and lives than we can count. But it’s also leading to an unprecedented spike in innovation across manufacturers, suppliers, and operators. One…

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I Miss Our Trade Shows – So I’m Doing Something About It

Bob and friends at Commanders Palace at Amusement Expo

If you’re like me, you’ve been to a few virtual events this year. I guess that most were just ok—lots of webinars, too many PowerPoints, and hardly any real meetings. But nothing that got me excited to really ShowUp. I miss our trade shows I was in New Orleans at the Amusement Expo in March…

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Why Asking Why is the Key to Innovative Experience Design

Five Whys

In my last blog post on how to design entertainment experiences, I wrote about the importance of a holistic approach to experience design where you consider all of your stakeholders. But it’s not enough just to identify them. You need to engage with them to understand their needs, so you can design an experience that…

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Pete Gustafson of AAMA and Amusement Expo – Ep 27: Bob Cooney’s Virtual Reality Deep Dive (1:02:18)

The American Amusement Machine Association (AAMA) is the trade organization for the amusement industry’s manufacturing and distribution companies. Founded in 1981, they organize the industry’s largest dedicated trade show dedicated to arcades and family entertainment centers. Join Bob and Pete as they discuss and define the growing ecosystem of operators, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and how…

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