2019 Amusement Expo Preview – Ep 10. Bob Cooney’s Virtual Reality Deep Dive (1:03:19)

Bob Cooney provides an overview of what’s coming up at the VR Summit at Amusement Expo International in Las Vegas, March 26-28 2019. Joining Bob live is Jan Goetgeluk from Virtuix, talking about the initial week’s results from their first installation of the new VR Arena, Phil Martin from Zero Latency discussing the reactions to their new Sol Raiders competitive game. Bob also hears from Exit-VR co-founder and Huxley developer Sven Haeberlein, Vex founder Julien Henrico and disty Arc Arena’s topper Lathan talking about their new VEX arena with environmental haptics, and Amy Hedrick from Cleanbox covering their new medical-grade UV headset disinfecting solution. Also showing was a sneak preview of Backlight’s new Toyland free roam VR game. Bob also covered the upcoming summit speaker schedule.



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