What’s Better Than Beat Saber Arcade Cabinet?

VRsenal, inventor of the original Beat Saber Arcade Cabinet, continues to innovate in the VR music rhythm genre. When Facebook acquired Beat Games, the studio behind Beat Saber, they pulled all the arcade licenses.

Player in front of the Original Beat Saber Arcade Cabinet manufactured by VRsenal
The Original Beat Saber Arcade Cabinet

VRsenal then partnered with Blackwall Games to bring the arcade hit Rhythmatic to family entertainment centers. Housed in a new arcade machine, the V2, Rhythmatic stayed true to the original game mechanics of Beat Saber. Operators report earnings comparable to the original Beat Saber Arcade Cabinet.

Beat Saber Arcade Cabinet Earnings
Original Beat Saber Arcade Cabinet Earnings

Now Blackwall Games and VRsenal bring you Rhythmatic 2, an entirely new game that will blow the minds of arcade operators and players everywhere.

Introducing Rhythmatic 2

Rhythmatic 2 is paired with VRsenal’s most affordable and compact arcade cabinet ever. The new single player cabinet is only 58″ Wide, 3 feet deep, and 7 feet tall. It fits through any door, and is easy to move, but still retains the curb appeal unique to all VRsenal products.

It’s also the most reliable VR arcade cabinet ever made. VRsenal has finally beat the cable issues plaguing the VR arcade industry. They’re so confident, they’re offering an unprecedented 1-year warranty on the headset cable.

The new cabling system let VRsenal eliminate the expensive re action system, making the system even more reliable and affordable. Other innovations include:

  • New HTC Focus 3 brings 3D sound and 4K video in the lightest, most comfortable VR headset ever for arcades.
  • Backlit graphics that pulsate to the music beat making the game irresistible to players.
  • Amazing new 3D VR photo-realistic environments immerse players like never before.
  • New “Punch” mechanics added to the saber slashing challenge even the most advanced players.
  • Improved “Lightning Mode” let players store and use power ups at strategic moments to beat the leaderboard.
New Rhythmatic Orbs ready to be slashed to the beat.
Actual screen capture from Rhythmatic 2 gameplay.

Did You Miss Out on the original Beat Saber Arcade Cabinet?

But the biggest innovation here is the price. Rhythmatic 2 is the lowest price VR Arcade game on the market. It’s almost half the price of the original Beat Saber Arcade Cabinet. Operators can now get the highest earning VR game ever for an amazing price.

Guaranteed reliability, chart-topping earnings, and rock-bottom pricing. For operators who missed the original Beat Saber Arcade Cabinet, this is your chance to add the best video arcade game in a generation. Your players and your service techs will love you for it.

Rhythmatic 2 will launch at Bowl Expo 2022 in Las Vegas from June 28-30th. Come check it out at Moss Distributing in Booth 119. For more info drop me an email.

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